Start Your Engines

Mad Max is almost here. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of thousands of savage wastelanders shouting over the roar of the souped-up engines of the fearsome, gas guzzling clunker of their dreams. Four years ago they shredded Inferno after strapping Baby Panay to a warhead and sending him off into a mushroom-cloud sunset the year before. Now they’re ready to take on a new group of baddies in a storm of physics-based chaos set in a stunning open world, and that’s exactly what they’re doing tonight. They’ve exhausted their wallets and are panting in front of their screens, having blown the A/C budget on two triple-A’s within a week and don’t regret it for a second. Now, after a sleepless night, they’re running on fumes in anticipation for the release of the latest installment of Avalanche’s arsenal of excellence. When the moment comes and the pre-load unlocks, they tear through the menus and finally get the chance to immerse themselves in Max’s world.
Our Magnum Opuses aren’t the only fiery demons ready to be customized to our liking. We the team saw immense modding potential in Mad Max and are building a true sequel to JC2 Mods that we think will fit in perfectly in line with Avalanche’s upcoming titles. We’re making some phone calls and are doing all we can to do what we do best, and having learned from the mistakes we made with we think Mad Max will be the perfect title to kickstart our exciting vision for VGMods, and will bring the talented community of Avalanche modders together once more to get stuff done like never before.
— Zenin & Draconio
P.S. – We will have a post up as soon as a set of mod tools surfaces. When the first mods roll in we will post about them, too.