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    Is it just me or the Toggle HUD mod no longer works after the patch 3. My game just crashes on startup if I use the mod. Can someone please confirm, because I need to know for sure if its on my end or the whether the mod needs to be updated.

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    That’s weird, it’s working fine for me.

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      Really ?
      Damn, I was really hoping it wasnt an issue on my end. The mod was working fine for me when I was trying out the game on a pirated version. But after I bought the game on steam, using the mod just gives me a CTD on startup. So I assumed it must be the latest patch that broke the mod. Its a real shame, I really enjoyed exploring the wasteland without any hud in my face. It was really immersive. Any help would be really appreciated, cuz I really hate the hud in this game.  😐

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