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    This is the one thing that makes this game (on PC) unplayable for me with a keyboard. To not be able to walk completely kills the immersion. On Steam, nobody seems to mind it, but for me, even tactically, it is necessary. For instance, beyond immersion, what if I want to sneak up on an enemy? What if I want to take slower steps without dodging uncontrollably all over the place? And I could go on. Seriously, whoever ported this to PC did a terrible job in this respect. I’ve heard that walking on the console or with a controller is possible, but it even sucks there too! Why they didn’t do a better job with this simple inclusion is beyond me. Anyway, someone please create a Walking mod. Or at least does anyone know how to mod for this game? I would do it myself, but I sort of refunded the game already…!

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    PC Version “port” was done in house by Avalanche and it’s a very good one actually…well at least in terms of optimisation. I agree with you that walking “key” should have been implemented indeed….just like few other “logic” measurements. Check on my other Post here…”Suggested Mods”

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