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    More and more new console gameplay on Twitch and YT has been released from people that somehow got their hand on the game earlier.
    It’s bad that they can play already and we PC gamers still have to wait (not too long though) but at the same time we can learn what needs to be fixed, improved or modded:)
    Few of my suggestions:
    – First Person while on foot Mod
    – Draw distance / Pop-in Fix
    – Convoy route fix – it’s going round in circles – pointless. Convoys should be delivering something from A to B.
    – Object/Enemy highlighting ON/OFF
    – Clear map mod – to much revealed at the very start.
    – Player immune to fire from burning cars Fix
    – Max’s car never flips over Fix
    – Max’s jump Fix – currently it looks like he’s jumping abilities are quite useless
    – (Tougher one I think) Balloons to be used as an alternative Travel system – not just ascending or descending but also moving in all directions or in wind direction – also to make them vulnerable to enemy fire.
    – Sand Storms approaching apparently to suddenly – reported by some players on Twitch and YT.
    – Sniper Riffle Mod – maybe not even possible to do but I think We should have option to use it not only from the back of Max’s car.
    I’m not a modder but I love using Mods. Some games without mods are not even fun to play.
    I’m not sure how difficult it will be to create some of the above mentioned but I have a Faith in you Guys – The Real Skilled Modders

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    Another 2 possible mod options:
    – After a longer period without drinking or eating health bar would slowly start to decrease.
    – Player can only climb or zip-line from places/edges marked in yellow – either remove those obvious markings or make Max able to do it on any edges/rocks etc. (One of the streaming players mentioned that sometimes you have 2 exactly the same height rocks/platforms, but only one of them will be marked with yellow line and only this one can be used to climb up.

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    coughs – walking mod – coughs…!

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    Hello. I hope that will be available soon that will change Max’s skin from the game at exactly the Max from The Road Warrior

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    yeah i hope to fix some of the games flaws with mods, fuel running out faster and car damage hurts more, and fists less.
    Then we can work on the really interesting things like a demolition derby stadium! It would be awesome also if just cause 3 stuff can be imported guns planes etc.. epic!

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    Yeah I would definitely like to see the fuel consumption rate and overall damage bumped up.

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    Well Finally something is happening 🙂
    Download the mod here
    Caps lock – toggle the HUD ON/OFF
    Numpad 1 – toggle the broken glass screen effect
    Numpad 2 – toggle the fight effects such as sparks and outlines
    Great Job thanks to The_Janitor

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    Michael P

    Car Handling with an emphasis on slip/drift, base handling is far too simplistic for my tastes. Something like the “Xtreme car handling” mod for GTA V would be perfect.

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    David Caddak

    mod on-line 🙄
    each with his car would be much mass

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    Buzz Man

    i would love to see a soundtrack mod seeing as the game basically has none, i always listen to the fury road ost when playing and it fits perfectly with the game but it doesnt always fit with some of the things im doing in the game, so i was hoping someone might replace some of the music files with ones from fury road or something like that, i’d do it myself but i have zero moding experience

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    The most important new mods I can think of:

    -switch engine on\off manualy

    -start game whit V8

    -FOV or camera in-car need to be fix-ed a little

    -any quest mod would do, go from A to B whit some clever writing is enought

    Any way, we need more 😛 

    Sorry for my English 😉


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    Pazuzu (AppleJack)

    MORE CARS mod to use in the game. Like having the fury road or even Mad Max 2 vehicles to drive around in.

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    I think a cool mod that I would like is the ability to spawn more enemies in the game. Or just reset an areas threat level. End game becomes very desolate and empty and there’s nothing to do with all the car upgrades. 
    Also a slow time mod for more flawless fighting would be cool.

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